Aqua Silk Rug / E414a

Aqua Silk Rug / E414a

Product Description

This tradiontial style crosswoven rug is made up of a dense silk-like polyester which is hard wearing and durable but soft to the touch. 

Available Sizes:
133cm x 160cm // 160x250cm // 240x300cm // 275x366cm

Available 16 different colours:
B044d / Multicolour   B050b / Beige w/ orange 
B207c / Multicolour   B268a / Grey 
B267a / Multicolour   B471a / Grey 
B954b / Grey           

E165a / Red w/ Orange         E309b / Blue w/ Light Blue 
E165a / Navy w/ Blue            E309c / Green w/ Blue 
E309b / Beige w/ Orange      E309c / Brown w/ Fuschia 
E414a / Blue w/ Light Blue    E414a / Dark Yellow w/ Blue 
E414a / Grey w/ Light Blue 

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