Mattress Types & Products

Open Coil Springs

Modern day open coil mattresses are greatly improved on those of yesteryear. Manufacturers incorporate a variety of spring systems to suit the individuals’ need for comfort and support.

Pocket Springs

Housed in individual pockets of fabric, which are tied together, each spring is allowed to move independently and therefore mould to the shape of the body and adjust to differing weights.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam

An offshoot of NASA technology, this high density foam has magnificent capabilities of absorbing energy and is extremely temperature sensitive.

The material forms itself to the shape of your body contours, giving maximum support and allows the spine and joints to rest in their natural position.


A latex mattress changes its shape to the precise contours of your body giving pressure free support to your spine, shoulders, hips and limbs. A good choice for sufferers of allergies and related respiratory diseases.


An active support system enables the mattress to be used edge to edge and is specifically designed for that firmer feel for those who require extra support.

Our Mattress Cambridge products are manufactured to the highest quality available and provide you with excellent comfort and support.

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