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Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Massage Divan
Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Massage Divan
The Ardennes Adjustable Massage Divan The Ardennes Adjustable Divan comes with a cordless remote control (including a torch), built in massage units and under bed lighting should you want to get up in the night without disturbing your partner. 4 upholstery colours and 3 optional headboard designs are available to complement the bedroom.
Tempur Cloud CollectionTempur Cloud Collection
Tempur Cloud Collection
If you’re looking for a softer feel. A balance of extra softness and support. Specially developed TEMPUR® Extra Soft material generously cushions and relaxes, and a firm TEMPUR® Support material beneath adds long lasting support.

Tempur Comfort Pillow OriginalTempur Comfort Pillow Original
Tempur Comfort Pillow Original
TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Made from a patented TEMPUR envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR micro-cushions, the Comfort Pillow provides plush comfort whilst still maintaining that all so important pressure relief. Just so you can get really comfortable you can fluff and puff the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow just the way you want it, and dress it up in your favourite bed linen because it fits easily...
Tempur Original CollectionTempur Original Collection
Tempur Original Collection
TEMPUR® Original Collection If you want a firmer feel. The benefits of TEMPUR® material with bodyconforming comfort and outstanding support. This contains pressure relieving properties that can reduce tossing and turning at night.

Tempur Sensation collectionTempur Sensation collection
Tempur Sensation collection
TEMPUR® Sensation Collection If you like ease of movement. TEMPUR® material on top conforms to your body to relieve pressure points, while Dynamic Support Technology guarantees ease of movement and full body support.