Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets



Husband and wife team Dick and Pauline Beijen bought their flocks of sheep during the summer of 2008 as the first step into their idea of creating high quality, natural British wool duvets; the challenge being to develop a high quality duvet that draped and behaved as a duvet should.  The original wool duvet.   


Each wool duvet, wool mattress topper and wool pillow is handcrafted individually from start to finish in their own workshops in Devon.  Carefully sourced British Platinum wool, each batch is certified by the British Wool Marketing Board and is traceable back to British farms and guaranteed 100% British. Their wool is cleaned in British mills to their unique specification, without using chemicals &  the duvets are machine washable. 

The wool is 'needled' in British mills to specifications developed by Devon Duvets. The needling passes the fibres into many directions to create a light and fluffy sheet that is expertly secured into the duvet using as few quilt lines as possible, creating a wool duvet that drapes as a duvet should with an even filling of wool and no movement of wool.   This is very difficult to achieve and can only be done by their skilled experts who make each duvet individually using high quality materials.  


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