Harrison Sevilla 11400 Divan Set

Harrison Sevilla 11400 Divan Set

Product Description

From a high spring count to luxurious filling the Sevilla 11400 is truly a remarkably comfortable bed. Four hand stitched rows support the borders of this turn free mattress which rests on a true edge base with 3500 springs. 

Suffer from joint and back pain? The natural properties of the latex layer will aid to relive pain while sleeping, working alongside springy wool, super-fine Egyptian cotton & silky mo-hair this mattress is sure to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Four individual spring systems are in place to help provide targeted support where needed most.

Choose from 1 of 3 supports

  • Gently
  • Medium
  • Firm 

Mattress can be bought separately 


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Features & Benefits

Comfort from natural fillings

  • Wool, Cotton, Mo-hair blend
  • Egyptian Cotton Blend 
  • Latex Layer

Superior award-winning support 

  • Nested Revolution Spring System 
  • HD Lightweight Titanium Alloy Springs 
  • Posturfil Pocket Springs 
  • Quadruple Side-Stitching 
  • True Edge Base 3500 Pocket Springs 

For  your health & well-being 

  • Non-Turn, Rotate only 
  • Hypoallergenic Latex 
  • HD Airflow - Breathable Springs 



All Harrison mattresses are tailor made specifically for each customer, which mean they can create hand made, bespoke sizes to fit exactly what you need.