Do you sleep on your front, back or side?
Do you suffer from back ache, neck ache, shoulder problems?
With so many pillows to choose from we have the solution to your needs.

Choosing the perfect pillow:

     1.    Filling –

We stock multiple choices in both natural and synthetic filled pillows.

*Remember if you suffer from allergies a natural filled pillow could be a trigger.

     2.    Cover Material –

With so much choice we have different covers for our pillows ranging from 100% cotton, 50% / 50% polyester/Cotton, or even polyester microfiber. There really is something for everyone.

     3.    Support –

  • Medium Soft – Ideal for those who sleep on their front, as medium soft support pillows offer increased cushioning and comfort.
  • Medium – Perfect for those who sleep on their back, medium support pillows offer the right level of support to cradle the head and neck.
  • Firm – For those who sleep on their side. Firm pillows offer an enhanced level of support to keep the head and neck in a neutral position through the night.

With the help of our trained staff, you will be sure to find the pillow suited to you.