John Tuton founded Mammoth in 2007 as a brand that stands for excellence in health & wellbeing. 

In developing his very first mattress collection – the Performance Range – John utilized cutting edge technologies from the healthcare industry such as High Specification Medical Grade Foam™ to create consumer products never seen before in the retail sector. Since that time Mammoth has become one of the UK's most innovative furniture brands, expanding its popular mattress range & moving into upholstery through collaborations with the likes of La-Z-Boy & Mammoth's own seating and suite range.


Mammoth’s invention, Medical Grade Foam is an innovation derived from their healthcare origins,where its predecessor ‘High-Specification Foam’ was successfully used as a pressure relieving and supportive component in medical beds and seating within the NHS and private healthcare. 

Unlike Memory Foam, which requires body heat to soften the sleep surface, Medical Grade Foam™ is not temperature sensitive & provides a cool, dry & comfortable sleeping surface which promotes an optimum sleeping micro-climate 

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Mammoth Plus Medium PocketMammoth Plus Medium Pocket
Mammoth Plus Medium Pocket
  The Shine Plus mattress takes all of the great features and benefits of the Shine Essential mattress and then gives you more of what you love through a deeper mattress.This 270mm deep mattress adds more Medical Grade™Foam, with now five PostureCell®zones for increased support where it counts
Mammoth Advanced Medium PocketMammoth Advanced Medium Pocket
Mammoth Advanced Medium Pocket
  The Shine Advanced mattress. The Shine Advanced is the final and deepest mattress of this collection.The 300mm depth allows us to add even more Medical Grade™Foam so we can afford twomore PostureCell® zones giving you an indulgent seven point support system head to to

Mammoth Essential Medium PocketMammoth Essential Medium Pocket
Mammoth Essential Medium Pocket
The Shine mattress collectionIf you’re waking with a few more aches and pains than you used to, or just want to give yourenergy and health a boost, move up to our Shine collection.The Shine collection is bursting with even more of the very best sleep and comforttechnologies, fillings and fabrics, with tailored finishing that’s hard to rival. You can evenchoose your firmness on every Shine mattress.A collection for those who are wanting to invest in the verybest for their wellbeing, so youcan be confident that your Shine mattress will not only feelgreat but will be doing you goodtoo.The Shine Essential mattressLet’s start with a bit of luxury.The Shine Essential mattress starts the collection with a luxurycover and then weavesTencel fibres into the fabric for further excellence. Tencel isa modern super-soft fabric thatkeeps sleepers cool and dry. This stuff is brilliant.Based on over one millions nights’slept from our best-selling mattresses of the last 5 years,The Shine Essential mattress has Mammoth’s standard three PostureCell® zones whichprovides tailored support where you need it most–providing a great night’s sleep and extrarelief from any aches and pains