Way back in 1916, Barnett Nathan's visions was to design beautiful, elegant furniture offering quality and value. That vision remains at  the heart of Nathan's products to this day.  Nathan and its sister company Sutcliffe Furniture are based at Frostholme Mill on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. Frostholme Mill in the village of Cornholme was a cotton mill and where the industrial revolution took hold and catapulted the world into the industrial era.

Today they have one of the largest furniture manufacturing units supplying the retail trade in the UK of upper middle market furniture and the mill continues to produce high quality furniture for the Nathan brand.



We use a combination of solid wood and natural wood veneers which means that no two pieces of furniture are the same, due to the beauty of natural grains and tones inherent in real wood. Each piece has its own unique character and variation in colouring.

The materials and craftsmanship that go into every piece of Nathan furniture ensure that with loving care it will last for generations. Preserving and enhancing the finish of the pieces in your collections is straight forward   

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