Revell Toys

Revell Toys

Do you know someone who likes to build things?
For big and little fingers alike, Revell provide a welcome distraction. 


The Revell and Monogram® brands were born back in 1945, both on a different path, but with a shared goal of delivering quality and entertainment. Revell started out with plastic toys, one of their first was a Toy Washing Machine. Monogram® on the other hand was always making kits, but at the beginning, they were making them out of balsa wood - Over the years that followed Revell and Monogram, once fierce competitors, joined as one company.


These excellent kits are fun and easy to put together; many come prepainted, and don't require any glue.

n the 1930s and 40s, “serious” models were made of wood. That began to change in the early 1950s, when Precision Specialties enjoyed huge success with “Highway Pioneers” plastic car kits. Glaser changed his company’s name to Revell Inc. — and set about making affordable, high-quality plastic models labeled as “Authentic Kits”. His engineers drew detailed blueprints using photos, schematics, and any other available documentation. Skilled sculptors completed patterns for every part that would be in the final kit. These had to pass a “buildability” test before molds were produced.

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