Back in 1933 Danish cabinetmaker Throvald Rasmussen created Skobvy, his keen eye for design and professional pride helped him along the way to creating a foundation for sustainable and functional furniture. In just under 20 years this small one man work shop has advanced to Skovby furniture being produced in product lines.  The company has continued to strive to this day as an international high-technology business and is currently run by his grandsons Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen. 


All of Skovby furniture is 100% Danish design, it has been produced in Denmark for over 80 years! The profile is well-thought-out, timeless and lasting design with international appeal. Functional design furniture, where simplicity and clean lines are combined with high functionality through innovative patented solutions that unite functionality with aesthetics and set the agenda for functional dining tables.


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