Hard Flooring

We source our wood flooring from a third generation family owned business who have been involved in the timber industry for over a quarter of a century.

Every board goes through a rigid quality and grading process to ensure that the highest possible standards are met to guarantee your perfect satisfaction.


Each floor carries this outstanding reassurance of our confidence that you will not find a better product anywhere on the market.

In most cases the sawn timber is air dried for over twelve months prior to a 2 stage kilning and dehumidification process to achieve maximum stability. It is then carefully selected for grain pattern, colour variation and knots, to provide the many varied appearances that are available within the range. It is then machined using the latest technologies – in many cases to engineering tolerances that up to a few years ago would have been thought impossible – so we can bring perfection to your floor.

The boards are then put through finishing processes such as lacquering, oiling or antiquing – many of which are carried out by hand using centuries old traditions – for that timeless elegance that only a natural wood floor can bring to your home.


Olsen is a wood laminate flooring that stands for pure practicality. It’s designs and textures are true to life and are incredibly realistic – both in look and price. Our quality laminate flooring offers exceptional value, with enough variety to suit any room, décor or purpose. It’s quality matched joints offer authentic yet subtle definition and is suitable for commercial and domestic usage.