Preparing for your New Carpet

Our aim is for your new carpet to look great and for the fitting process to go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few things you can do in preperation for your new carpet arriving. 

Removing your old carpet. 
It's out with old and in with the new. If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, it will have to be removed before then new carpet can be fitted. If you wish, we'd be happy for provid that service for a small fee. If you would prefer to do it yourself, please follow a few simple instructions. First, vacuum the carpet one last time before you begin, then be sure you open your windows and let fresh air in while the carpet and underlay are removed. Finally, vacuum the floor to remove any remaining dust and dirt. 

Airing the room.
It's important to air a room where a new carpet is being fitted too. Many materials, including some associated with carpet removal and fitting can have an adverse affect on indoor air quality. So make sure there's plenty of ventilation when your old carpet comes up and your new one goes down. We recommend you open all windows and doors to increase air flow. You should ventilate the area for as long as possible and when convenient over the next few days. 

Moving your furniture
A room needs to be cleared of all furniture in order for your carpet to be properly fitted, including detachment of wiring for electrical equipment. It can be arranged for our fitters to move furniture. It can be arranged for our fitters to move your furniture for you for a modest charge. 

After fitting, you may notice some leftover pieces of carpet and some may be rather large. This is due to the fact most carpet is sold in broadloom widths, so if your rooms are narrower or wider than the broadloom widths available in the range selected or if you are having halls or stairs carpeted, there will be a slight waste factor. If you'd like to keep some of the leftovers and use them as doormats or replacement carpet, please ask.

Carpet Seams
In many rooms, carpet seams are inevitable. you Many wish to discus the location of the seams. Today's heat bonded seams are stronger than the rest of the carpet, but they're not invisible. Even though our fitters do the best they can, you will be able to see the seams. Also, because of the direction of your carpet, some seams maybe be more visible than others. This is quite normal and should be expected. Prior to fitting, you may want to discuss the location of the seams to see if they can be places in low traffic areas, where seams are less noticeable. 

Colour matching
We endeavor to colour match wherever possible; however, please expect a small amount of colour variance due to the nature of the carpet manufacture. 

Colour changes
The shade of the carpet depends on the angle of the light that falls on the carpet pile. Brush the pile in the opposite direction and the shade changes. 

Underlay - A carpet's best friend 
It is essential that your new carpet is laid on a new good quality underlay. This will ensure that you get maximum wear and excellent appearance, as well as providing heat and acoustic benefits. Don't make the mistake of believing that you will save money by utilising your old underlay. It will probably have little, if any, life left in it and certainly next to no bonce or resilience.