Sherborne - Malvern Riser Recliner Chair

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Wonderfully comfortable Riser Recliner. The attractively contoured scroll arms are complemented by useful wings, ‘chaise’ seating and a welcoming fibre-filled back cushion.

Available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers

  • Designed with full powerlift facility to assist sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions
  • Optional lumbar adjustment for added comfort
  • Personal Sherborne 5 year guarantee on all Recliner actions, frames, motors, handsets and all other electrical parts
  • Single-use Emergency Back-up fitted as standard and Multi-use Battery Back-up available at extra cost
  • Supplied with castors for ease of movement. Front castors lift away to ensure stability in raised positions. Glides now available as an alternative to castors for solid flooring
  • Supplied with removable back to make the task of delivering the Recliner into your home so much easier
  • Maximum recommended weight 160kg (25 stone)


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Petite Chair
Small Chair
Standard Fixed 
Royale Chair

    Reeds deliver everything from dining sets to sofas, beds to occasional furniture, desks to bedroom furniture, chairs and cabinets all directly to our customers’ homes to the room you desire. Our highly skilled and friendly delivery crew members adhere to a rigorous Covid safe regime. Our experienced teams deliver to the most challenging of areas and spaces. We will work with you in a timely and convenient manner and we endeavour to deliver within the quoted lead times, although often circumstances are out of our control.

    We’re able to deliver multiple orders for different rooms all on the same day, increasing the convenience to you of our services, minimising the cost of multiple deliveries.

    Upon delivery, once we’ve positioned your furniture in the preferred room, our delivery team will then remove all packaging for recycling.

    We offer competitive delivery prices and the best possible delivery service.

    Don’t know what to do with your old furniture? We will dispose of it but we do have to charge, alternatively, you can contact either of our local Charities, The Norfolk Tapping House or Sue Ryder, to arrange collection for your unwanted furniture for free.

    Every piece of furniture is an investment for your home and we want to make sure that you’re happy with it many years to come.

    We are so confident in our quality products that we offer a Manufacturer’s guarantee on our sofas against manufacturing defects on the construction of the frame and frame springs.

    We also cover your sofa for up to 5 years against any defects which may arise under normal use and through faulty workmanship, including sofabed and recliner mechanisms.

    We offer a 1-year guarantee on all occasional, dining and bedroom furniture under normal domestic use.

    Mattresses have up to a 10-year warranty under normal use.

    All of our guarantees start from the day of delivery.

    In order to keep your furniture looking like new, we highly recommend daily maintenance of all products, have a look at our Care and Maintenance guide (below) for a few useful tips.


    Please read the full terms and conditions of our guarantee/warranty below: 

    1. Proof of purchase is the responsibility of the purchaser.
    2. All clearance products are purchased with a 1-year structural guarantee.
    3. General wear and tear, including staining, excessive soiling, abrasion, tears and burns, accidental damage, natural cushion interior settlement and flattening and normal bed filling settlement are excluded.
    4. The cracking of wood due to extreme changes in room humidity or direct heat source (air conditioning and radiators) is excluded.
    5. Dye transfer from non-colourfast plastics, fabrics and clothing (including denim and throws), damage or delamination of the product or finish caused as a result of contamination through contact with hair products and body products or other cosmetic applications such as tanning lotions is excluded.
    6. The guarantee is non-transferable and valid from the date of the original purchase only.
    7. Consistent with meeting its obligations under this guarantee, Reeds reserves the right to undertake the least cost option to itself. This may involve rectifying the problem, arranging for the unsatisfactory component to be replaced or refunding part of the original purchase price.
    8. If the product is exchanged, or a total refund is given, the product that is deemed faulty reverts to the ownership of Reeds.
    9. The amount of any claim under the guarantee shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory product.
    10. This guarantee does not extend to non-domestic usage, nor to goods that are taken outside the UK.
    11. The guarantee may be invalidated if the purchaser does not follow or carry out proper care procedures as outlined in our Care and Maintenance guide or in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations where applicable, or where the product has been adapted, abused or altered.


    Care and Maintenance Guide

    We want you to love your Reeds products as much as we do, so we’ve prepared a few tips for you to help keep them in top condition for many years to come.

    Daily Maintenance

    Here are some basics, we all know them, but it’s good to have a reminder anyway.

    • Keep your product(s) out of direct sunlight
    • Keep your product(s) away from sources of heat
    • Lift your product(s), don’t drag
    • Clean, care and maintain your product(s) to ensure they last for a long time
    • Take care with your clothes, e.g., dark denim may cause dye transfer on to light-coloured fabrics or leathers, so please check the care labels first
    • Keep sharp and abrasive objects away from leathers and fabrics to avoid any damage
    • Never machine-wash your removeable covers, please only have this cleaned professionally in-situ
    • Many of our sofas will need daily plumping and cushion maintenance to ensure the fibres are kept loose and it’s all kept in shape.


    Leather is very durable and if cared for properly, can last for many years.  Notice different patterns or small changes in colour? That’s because leather is a natural material and this is just part of its beauty, so nothing to worry about!

    With use, you may see “puddling” of the leather in the seating areas, this can be easily rectified with daily dressing of the seats and pushing the leather back into shape around the cushions.

    Leather likes being taken care of, so give it a good clean with a light-coloured, damp cloth every now and then, followed by a dry cloth to finish.  Natural oils from your skin can affect the overall appearance of your product(s), so even if you don’t think they’re getting dirty, give them a regular wipe down anyway.

    Faux Leather

    The overall finish on faux Leather means you will get a more consistent look across your furniture range.  Please avoid contact with harsh or abrasive materials, as the coating can get damaged.

    Faux Leather will need to be wiped down regularly with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains. Don’t leave it wet, as it may cause the surface to crack over time.  When drying, please remember to use a non-abrasive cloth. Even if the sofa looks clean, a build-up of dirt or cosmetic products can occur and therefore regular cleaning is recommended.


    We use a wide range of materials on our cushions, throws, rugs, sofas and armchairs.  The materials have been carefully chosen for you to enjoy your Reeds product(s) to the maximum.

    You can help maintain the look and feel of your product(s) by cleaning any spills as soon as the happen and regularly vacuuming any dust or pet hair.

    You will need to reshape, plump, rotate or turn seat cushions and backs whenever possible to avoid compression or flattening of the fillings.

    If you accidentally spill something onto the fabric, blot immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Do not rub as this is likely to make the staining worse.  For severe spillages or stains, we would recommend using a professional cleaning company.

    Some sofa fabrics may bobble with use due to abrasions and rubbing of clothes against the seat or back cushions.

    We would always recommend regular vacuuming to maintain the sofa.


    Velvet is a wonderful fabric but this slightest touch will quickly cause it to change appearance and alter the direction of the fabric pile, this is completely normal.  In order to keep a uniformed look on Velvet, use a new, clean and dry sponge to “wipe” the pile in one direction across the surface area.

    Wood and Gloss

    We use a mixture of fibreboard and veneers of natural wood, which is typically sealed with a clear lacquer to help maintain its look and prolong its life.

    Every piece of furniture we sell is handmade and assembled, and no two pieces are exactly the same, so your product is truly unique.

    To ensure your items are not scratched or damaged with heat, we would always recommend using protective mats and coasters.

    Please remember to keep sharp, hard or abrasive materials away from wood or veneer as it can easily damage.

    This might be a slightly unusual solution, but a great way to keep dust off your high gloss furniture is by using a soft-tipped paintbrush.  Avoid direct contact with wet or hot products.

    Avoid keeping objects on your table in the same place for too long, as the surface underneath may not fade at the same pace as the rest of the table, causing an uneven look.  This applies to the centre extension of your table too, so remember, if it only comes out for those special occasions it may appear different to the rest of the table.


    The glass we use is tempered and is designed and engineered for safety.  In the unlikely event that it shatters, it will do so into small cubes, instead of sharp shards of glass.

    A microfibre cloth is a great way to maintain the appearance of your glass, use a clean damp cloth to remove spills, fingerprints and dust.

    Please avoid abrasive, very hot or very cold objects directly on the glass.

    To ensure your items are not scratched or damaged with heat, we would always recommend using protective mats and coasters.


    Marble is a natural material and every piece is different. The cracks and variations on the surface are perfectly normal and are part of the beauty of this stone.  We typically protect our marble with sealants to help preserve its natural beauty an to stop it from cracking or staining.

    Marble doesn’t need much maintenance, just make sure to avoid heavy or abrasive materials on its surface and clean up any stains or spills with a damp cloth.

    To ensure your items are not scratched or damaged with heat, we would always recommend using protective mats and coasters.


    Ceramic starts off as clay and we give it a beautiful finish in the form of marble or other patterns. As the ceramic is manufactured, it can be glazed or machine-printed so it’s easier to get a uniformed and consistent look.

    Ceramic is easier to maintain and look after than marble.  That being said; remember to keep hard or abrasive materials away from the finish as it could get damaged.  Please avoid putting very hot or cold objects directly onto the surface.

    To ensure your items are not scratched or damaged with heat, we would recommend the use of protective mats and coasters. 

    Reeds Homestore is situated in the picturesque West Norfolk market town of Downham Market.

    Often referred to as ‘The Harrods of the Fens’, or even the Tardis due to its deceptive size, Reeds Homestore offers the highest quality furniture and homewares.

    From illustrious beginnings – part of the store is reputed to have been Admiral Lord Nelson’s school – Reeds Homestore has grown into a store for the 21st Century.

    Our aim at Reeds Homestore is to offer the choice of a national department store with a personal service most people consider to have been lost. Our staff know our products inside out and are always delighted to share their knowledge.

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    Welcome to Sherborne Upholstery... The Home of Relaxation.

    With over 90 years of British furniture manufacturing tradition behind them, they are delighted to present their distinctive and comprehensive range of high quality upholstery. 

    Through three generations of family ownership, skills have been developed and nurtured to enable the highest standards of workmanship to be applied in the manufacture of their extensive range of chairs, reclining chairs, sofas and corner groups. 

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    We are "avid fans" of Reeds and about 90% of our home is of Reeds products, from the humble salt and pepper pots to curtains, carpets, bedroom furniture, 3-piece suite etc.

    Margaret & Stanley Barton

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    I would like to say how wonderful all the staff I have dealt with, when buying a chair from your store in Ely. When I needed help they were available, and they were knowledge about all the chairs I asked questions about. The men that delivered the chair, turned up on time, and were very polite. Overall this has been a very good experience and I would definitely recommend your store to other people.

    Linda Roberts

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    This has to be the best store i have had the pleasure of shopping in for many years. A real pleasure the staff are so helpful without being pushy, so friendly. We will definitely be going back to explore the other departments.

    Ronald Wilson